TEST 1 по английскому языку Восковская,Карпова Среднее профессиональное образование (Очень срочно!)

Choose the proper words, and fill in the blanks (Выберите необходимые слова и заполните пропуски):

1. Our family is neither big... small.

A nor В or С and D but

2. My mother is ... 38years old.

A nor В even С only D enough

3. My father’s firm is ... from our house.

A the same В twice С near D far

4. It... me half an hour to get to the college.

A goes В takes С looks D consists

5. I go to my college ... bus.

A at В by Con D in

6. As to my .... I am slim.

A mother В parents С appearance D father

7. Everybody in our family is easy to get... with.

A each other В along

С others D together

8. We often go ... to the country.

A away В down С off D up

9. The carpet is of the ... colour.

A some В same С more D most

10. There are a lot of books in the ...

A shelves В bookcase С wardrobe D furniture




2)  Choose the proper grammar form of the verb and fill in the gaps (Выберите необходимую грамматическую форму глагола и заполните пропуски):

My mother usually ... a lot of time at her job.

A has spent В spends С is spent D was spent

As a rule, she ... sweaters for my brother.

A knits             В is knit             С has knit                    D had knit

Last week we ... our friends      to our place.

A invited          В have invited С invite                 D were invited

All that morning my brother... computer games.

A is playing В was playing С play D plays

We ... our free time together tomorrow.

A spend           В spent              С will spend                  D is spent

Yesterday we ... by our relatives.

A visited В were visited С was visited D have visited

They ... down to the country in two days.

A will go           В go                   С have gone                      D went

I... to music     all the evening.

A listen                                            В was listening

С has listening                                    D is listening

She ... the dinner not long ago.

A has cooked                                              В cook

С cooks                                                    D cooked

She always ...me with my homework.

A helps             В help                С helping                   D shall help



3)  The text contains different mistakes: 2 — in grammar, 4 — in spelling. Correct the mistakes and rewrite the text.

(Текст содержит разные ошибки: 2 — грамматические, 4 — в правописании. Исправьте ошибки и перепиши­те текст):

I always go to the swiming pool with my trends. We get there by bus, as a rule. Sometimes I takes my brother with us. We usualy spending two hours there. Everything is always alright, becouse everybody is easy to get along with.





4) Answer these multiple-choice questions about your friend

(Ответьте на следующие вопросы множественного выбора о вашем друге).

1. What is his father?

A a worker В as a worker С a kind man

2. Where does he study?

A at the college В in the street С in one of the houses

3. How many people does his family consist of?

A four relatives В three members С two brothers

4. What is his height?

A 170 cm В 60 kg С 170 kg

5. What is his weight?

A 170 cm В 60 kg С 170 kg

6. Where does he live?

A in the firm В at the firm С in the flat

7. Where does he spend his free time?

A at the disco В at the college С at the school

  • 2 задание . 
    1 B
    2 C
    3 D
    4 B
    5 C
    6 A
    7 B
    8 A
    9 A